Chronicle of Taichung Municipal Chungming High School

In August 1957, the original name of the school was Taichung Municipal Third Junior High School.

In August 1968, it was renamed as Taichung Municipal Third Junior High School.

In August 1971, it was renamed as Taichung Municipal Chungming Junior High School.

In August 1974, the Supplementary and Continuing High School in subordination to Taichung Municipal Chungming Junior High School was permitted to establish.

In August 1977, the Disabled Class of Special Education was permitted to establish.

In August 1995, Science Experimental Class was permitted to establish.

In August 2000, the senior high part was permitted to incorporate and renamed Taichung Municipal Chungming Six-year High School.

In August 2001, it was renamed as Taichung Municipal Chungming Senior High School.

In August 2003, Math and Science Gifted Class belonging to  senior high part was permitted to establish.

In August 2005, PE Class belonging to senior high part was permitted to establish.

In August 2006, Math and Science Gifted Class belonging to junior high part was permitted to establish.



The Perspectives of School Management辦學理念

  Parents bless children with valuable lives. Education enriches their wonderful life. Children have no rights to choose their parents, but schooling has obligation to equip all of them with education .


To teach every student to behave himself: 有教無類

It means regarding every student as sons or daughters, radiating unselfish affection, and never giving up any one student.

To instruct dedicatedly at every class: 因材施教

It means cherishing every student as a talent, having  highly expectation for students, and firmly believing that no one wants to behave badly.

Strategy :

To have every student learn so modestly that they are willing to enjoy going to school:

It means building a friendly learning garden in which students can learn cheerfully and grow up delightfully.

To give assistance to every teacher so satisfyingly that they are bathed in the joy of work :

It means creating a harmony educational environment in which teachers are dedicated to the teaching and fulfill themselves.

To serve every parent so sincerely that they volunteer to take part in the school affairs actively:

It means creating such a warm surroundings that parents are reassured about the childrens learning completely and volunteer to contribute themselves to the school.


 Based on the spirit of humanity, through three activities of actions, sports, and labor, under four instructions of words, deeds, environments and regulations , with five educations of moral, intelligence, physical, society and aesthetics in the balanced development, every student can grow up healthily, develop flexibly, learn both academy and morality, and make preparations for being a modern citizen capable of humanistic and technological literacy.



Active Progress, Confident Creativity , Social Philanthropy

Active Progress: to be a happy learner

   1. Students are active to explore and solve problems.

   2. Students can develop their talents by cultivating diversified learning.

   3. Students are willing to make progress by learning

 throughout their life.


 Confident Creativity: to be a prospective modern man

   1. Students gain spectacular insights on the base of localism and


   2. Students can carry on tasks through better communication.

   3. Students can be inspired great creativity by integrating what

 they have learned.


Social Philanthropy: to be an energetic healthy man

   1. Students are optimistic to accept instructions humbly and

 respect others sincerely.

   2. Students develop good health physically and mentally.

   3. Students are appreciative of the blessings and concern about the society



δIntegrate community resource to develop scientific education.

δPractice three-activity-education to develop an integrated personality.

δCampaign for learning passports to increase diversified intelligence.

δEncourage to hold reading movements to create literary atmosphere.

δEngage in teamwork learning to invigorate creative teaching.

δReinforce the interaction among schools to expand the international


Chairmen of Parent-teacher Association

The 1st: Mr. Weng Chia Tung (October 1957~September 1970)

The 2nd: Mr. Liao Jung Chi(October 1970~September 1994)

The 3rd: Mr. Tseng Lung Hsi(October 1994~September 1995)

The 4th: Mr. Chang Liao Kui Chuan(October 1995~September 1997)

The 5th: Mr. He Feng Yuan(October 1997~September 1999)

The 6th : Mr. Lin Chun Huan(October 1999~September 2001)

The 7th: Mr. Lai Fu Yuan(October 2001~September 2003)

The 8th: Mr. Liu Sheng Huo(October 2003~September 2004)

The 9th: Ms. Chen Hui Fen(October 2004~September 2005)

The 10th: Mr. Lai Fu Yuan (October 2005~September 2007)

The 11th: Mr. Lin Wan Fa(October 2007~ now)

The Principal

Substitute: Mr. Chen Te Sheng(August 1957~July 1959)

The 1st: Mr. HSiung Teng Yun (August 1959~July 1969)

The 2nd: Mr. Chen Chih Chiang (August 1969~December 1972)

The 3rd: Mr. Tsai Jui Jung (January 1973~July 1980)

The 4th: Mr. Shu Chung Hsing (August 1980~July 1992)

The 5th: Mr. Chung Min Hsiung (August 1992~July 1997)

The 6th: Mr. Shu Ching Tien (August 1997~July 2000)

The 7th: Mr. Lin Chien Fu (August 2000~January 2007)

Substitute: Ms. Hu Chin Chih (February 2007~July 2007)

The 8th: Mr. Shu Ching Tien (August 2007~now)


The Layout of our Campus

The layout of our campus is designed in a whole perspective. In order to reconstruct the buildings, renew the teaching equipment, escalate the teaching quality and create a superior campus, the rebuilding schedule is divided three steps:


 1) The first step is to reconstruct the teaching and administrative building, which had been completed in 2002. The total cost was NT145 million.


2) The second step is to reconstruct the science building, which is under construction and will be done in the end of the year 2008. The estimated cost will be NT49 million.


 3) The third step is to reconstruct the library, which has been planned to be done in 2010 and estimated the cost will need

NT190 million.

About Us




Address: 166, Bo Quan Rd. W. District, Taichung City, Taiwan

National Museum of Natural Science科博館

Botanical Garden植物園


Aerial View of CM















4.15 hectare


The Number of Classes


The total number of our classes is 54 classes, including 50 classes

of high school and 4 classes of the supplementary and

continuing school.


1) The total classes of the senior high part are 21, including 2

 Math and Science Gifted Classes, 1 Language Experimental

 Class and 3 PE Classes.


2) The total classes of the junior high part are 29, including 1

 Math and Science Gifted Class, 3 Math and Science

 Experimental Class and 3 Disable Classes of Special



The Number of Students:


The Total Number of students is 1,783 (1,720 of high school

 and 63 of the supplementary and continuing school).


     The Number of teachers:


The Total Number of our teachers is 109.






Class number



Student number






Junior High





Including 1 Math and Science Gifted Class and 3 Disable Classes of Special Education


Senior High





Including 2Math and Science Gifted Classes and 3 PE


Day School




Supplementary and Continuing